• Ibanez RG2820
    Ibanez RG2820This is Albert’s main guitar. A six string Ibanez RG series. Like almost all of his guitars, even this one has been modified to fit in his taste of sound. The combination of Dimarzio pickups (Air Norton Neck + Steve’s Special Bridge) sounds of course similar to early ’90s John Petrucci models, but that was not the purpose. Also the wiring has been changed in order to find a more unique sound.
  • Ibanez RG2027x
    Ibanez RG2027xThis is one of a seven string versions of Ibanez RG series, with piezo pickup on board. Also lightly modified by changing the pickups to Dimarzio (Air Norton 7 neck + Blaze 7 bridge).
  • Ovation Legend
    Ovation LegendThis guitar was a gift from Albert’s friend Reondino Zecchi. What could we say about Ovation Legend? This is a perfect acoustic-shredding tool with a beautiful sound and very low feedback issues on the stage.

    Thank you Dino.

  • Fractal Audio - Axe Fx and MFC-101
    Axe-fx-ii-front-panel-800The Axe-Fx is the ultimate all-in-one preamp/effects processor. It does all the effects  and has superb sound with unrivalled power and flexibility, offering many improvements over traditional guitar amps and effects.

    mfc101The MFC-101 puts total control at your feet. Besides being easy to use, the MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller is powerful and flexible, with deep control options for today’s modern rig.

  • Mesa Boogie - Stiletto Ace
    12373399_1247923981891101_4595170183784412579_n The Stiletto Ace incorporates Mesa’s patented switchable RECTIFIER feature. This is a Channel Assignable feature that appears as two toggle switches located on the Front Panel. These switches allow selection of a Rectifier style – Tubes for a saggy, compressed feel or Silicon Diodes for tight, punchy response. This power-vibe flexibility allows you to zero in on the sound as well as how that sound feels to play. Albert love this amp. It sounds amazing and also correspond perfectly with a Fractal Audio – Axe Fx II.